Vision & Mission ::

1.Rehabilitation of orphan and abandoned children in suitable Indian families through legal adoption

2.Coordinate between prospective adoptive parents, adoption agencies and other stakeholders to facilitate adoption activities and programme in the State

3.Undertake publicity campaigns to promote In-country adoption in the State

4.Formulate, develop and execute programmes to generate awareness regarding legal adoption in the State

5.Undertake Measures to check informal adoptions and create awareness for rescuing abandoned children from perishing in informal adoptions

6.Protection of the rights of children, especially the institutionalised ones and lobbying with government for their betterment

7.Prevention of child abuse in all forms

8.Undertake programmes and projects in connection with the development of children and women

9.Capacity building of functionaries of childcare institutions for overall growth of the institutions

10.Counseling and rehabilitation of unwed mothers

11.Educational sponsorship to poor students

12.Relief and rehabilitation work for disaster affected people

13.Networking with government, NGOs, different social child welfare agencies in and outside the State, and other stakeholders



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