7.1 The Indian Missions located in different countries will play a significant role in the process of Inter-country adoption of Indian children. The Missions will help CARA in maintaining liaison with the different authorities and agencies operating in the countries of their jurisdiction. The role envisaged for the Missions broadly fall under the following categories:-

i.The recommendation for fresh enlistment and subsequent renewals of foreign agencies desirous of working with India.

ii.Attestation of Dossier/documents of prospective adoptive parents submitted by the foreign authorities/agencies before the same is sent to CARA, (wherever the 1961 Hague Convention on Abolishing Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents is not applicable).

7.2 While recommendations for fresh enlistment should be made by the concerned Indian Embassy/High Commission only, in case of renewals, the same may be recommended by the Offices of the Consulate Generals and Dy. High Commissions also.

7.3 In case of Indian passport holders residing in a country where there is no enlisted agency or where they cannot be recommended by the host Govt. as per local laws, the Indian Embassy may authorise a qualified social worker to do the Home Study Report (HSR) and other documentation including Undertaking to send progress reports etc. and send the dossier to CARA with its recommendation.

7.4 Whenever a report is received on adoption disruption of an Indian child by a foreign couple, the Embassy should contact the local central authority and other concerned authorities to ensure that the interest of the child is being looked after. A report in this regard should also be sent to CARA at the earliest.
In case the child is required to be returned to India, the Embassy may render necessary help and facilitate the repatriation of the child in consultation with the local authorities, agency and CARA.

7.5 The Embassy should communicate any report or observation which it feels is important and relevant vis--vis inter-country adoptions to CARA.

7.6 At the time of attestation of documents, the Embassy should ensure the inclusion of duly authenticated English translation if the documents are in a language other than English.



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