Annexure IV.


1. The Organization must have adequate staff for child care, preferably in the ratio of 4:1 for children below 1 year, 6:1 for children in the age group of 1 to 3 years, and 8:1 for older children.

2. Physical Facilities

 Physical surroundings in which the children are cared for must be clean.  Sanitation and hygiene maintained at the agency must be adequate, since a majority of children at the institution are small and suffer from numerous ailments.


 Good lighting, ventilation, adequate space must be mandatory.

 Walls and surroundings must be bright and stimulating.  Often the walls are white and drab and there is a stark absence of toys or colorful objects for children.

3. Medical Facilities

Regular medical inspection must be done, preferably every alternate day by a registered medical practitioner who is a qualified and experienced pediatrician.  The child specialist is best trained to diagnose and treat children who are at risk and highly vulnerable. The required medical tests and immunisation of children should be done.

4 Recreational and Educational Facilities

Recreational facilities should be provided to the children of the Home, especially play activities for the children. For children between 3 to 6 years basic non- formal educational facilities should be provided.

5.Counseling Services

Each Organization must provide counseling services to prospective adoptive parents, the biological mother/bioparents and also post adoption counselling.  All Indian couples / individuals desirous of being registered should be accommodated and a list of such couples / individuals should be sent to local VCA.  Proper records in this regard must be maintained by the Organizations. Older children also require counseling services to assess the background of the chlild.

The above are the minimum requirements expected and the agencies should strive to achieve much higher standards.  Each organization must make effort to adhere to child care standards without any compromise with the best interest of children. The Organizations should fulfil all the requirements of the Act under which license is being granted to them.


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