Annexure - VIII


  1. Home Study Report : This is prepared by a trained Social Worker of the agency, in the area where the prospective adoptive parents reside.

  2. a) Birth Certificate of the adoptive couple (Xerox copies)
    b) Marriage Certificates (Xerox copies)

  3. Health certificate of the couple prepared by the family doctor or any registered medical practitioner that the parents are not suffering from any major disease which should also include HIV & Hepatitis-B test reports.

  4. Photograph : A recent postcard size photograph of the adoptive family (3 copies)

  1. Recommendations : Two letters of recommendation from persons who know the family well enough to recommend them
    as a married couple and they can become good parents and take care of the child. Letters should not be from parents or immediate relatives of either spouse.

  2. Property statement : A statement on the value of property owned by the family including  other assets like bonds, shares, policies, fixed deposits etc. and liabilities.

  3. Employment Certificate : Income Certificate from the employer indicating gross and net salary, designation and also the length of service of the husband and wife, in case the wife is employed.In case of a self employed persons, income tax returns or a certificate from the Chartered Accountant giving details of the personís type of employment, duration of employment and monthly or annual income.

  4. Bank Reference : Indicating the current bank balance of the adoptive family.
    (Bank statement or copy of the pass book)

 Additional Documents if applicable:

  1. In cases where couples have a biological and/or adopted child/children and if they are old enough they will be required to express their  views

  2. A copy of the adoption decree, if the couple have adopted child/children earlier.

  3. Divorce decree in case the spouse/spouses were earlier divorcees.

  4. In case where couples are over 90 years, a document from a younger family member expressing his/her willingness to look after the child in case of any short or long term eventuality.



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