9.1 By virtue of ratification of Hague Convention, all RIPAs will be treated as accredited agencies of CARA. The Application of PFAPs shall be transmitted to the Central Authority of the State of origin by the Central Authority of the Receiving country directly or through one of its Accredited Bodies with its approval.

The Central Authorities of the receiving countries have to declare in their letter of approval that:

  • the PFAPs/NRIs are eligible & suitable to adopt a child from India as per the Law of their countries.

  • the Home Study Report & Health Report(by the medical professional) of the PFAPs are prepared by the professionally trained social workers of the agencies/bodies accredited by the authority.

  • the PFAPs have agreed to the proposed adoption.

  • the child will be authorized to enter & reside permanently & will

ii.It will coordinate the work of all its Member Agencies and other Child Welfare Institutions in the field of Indian adoption.






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