2.1 Government of India

In the Government of India all policy matters relating to adoption are dealt with by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. Under the aegis of the Ministry, the Central Adoption Resource Authority (hereinafter called CARA) functions as a nodal body and the Central Authority for adoption matters. It is a body registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 18th March, 1999 with its headquarter in New Delhi. The functions of CARA are listed at Annexure-1

2.2 Central Authorities

Government departments or any other duly authorised body notified by their Govt. to function as Central Authorities of foreign countries under the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption-1993 will be treated as Central Authorities by CARA.

2.3 Foreign Adoption Agencies enlisted by CARA shall be called Enlisted Foreign Adoption Agencies (EFAAs)

CARA will approve/authorize and maintain a list of all Enlisted Foreign Adoption Agencies EFAAs) who can forward applications of foreign prospective adoptive parents including NRIs (Non Resident Indians) to it for approval.

2.4 Recognized Indian Agencies for Inter-country Adoption (RIPA)

CARA will recognize/accredit Indian Placement Agencies for Inter-country Adoption (RIPA). It shall publish once a year a list of RIPAs in leading national and vernaculars newspapers. CARA shall send this list once a year to the High Courts in the country for circulation to the District Courts. RIPAs shall function as accredited bodies as per the Hague Convention of 1993.

2.5 Adoption Coordinating Agencies (ACAs) 

There shall be a centralized agency namely Adoption Coordinating Agency (ACA) earlier known as Voluntary Coordinating Agency (VCA) in the state or even in a large city where there are several recognised placement and child welfare agencies to promote in-country adoption and issue clearance in case of all Inter-country adoptions.

2.6 Adoption Scrutiny Agencies (ASAs)

It is open to the Court to seek assistance from the Indian Council for Child Welfare or the Indian Council for Social Welfare or any of its branches/any independent, reputed and officially recognized Child/Social Welfare Agency for scrutinizing the adoption applications with a view to ensure the welfare of the child.

2.7 Indian Diplomatic Mission

Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad, will liaison with concerned Central/Public Authorities to ensure safeguards of children of Indian origin adopted by foreign parents against neglect, maltreatment, exploitation or abuse. They will receive a statement of all Indian children cleared for adoption by foreign nationals (including NRIs/PIOs) from CARA once a year.

Indian Missions will be encouraged to interact with the Foreign Enlisted Agencies and Central Authorities in their area of jurisdiction and arrange get togethers of the adopted children and their parents.

2.8 CARA may levy any recognition/renewal processing fee or any other charges with the approval of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment from time to time.



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