Adoption Coordinating Agency (ACA):

ACA is an agency in a state/region set up for the promotion of In-country Adoption through co-ordination of its member agencies, and recognized by CARA and to issue clearance certificate for a child to be placed in inter-country adoption.

Adoption Scrutinising Agency (ASA):

An independent Social/Child Welfare Agency appointed by the Court for scrutinizing adoption applications for In-country and Inter-country Adoptions.

Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA):

An autonomous body functioning under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment to act as a Central Authority in the matter of adoptions.

Central Authority (CA):  

As defined under Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption-1993.

Child Study Report (CSR):

It will contain details about the child, its date of birth, social background etc.

Child Welfare Committee (CWC):

A Committee as defined in JJ Act-2000 to deal with children in need of care & protection.

Clearance Certificate (CC):

A certificate issued by ACA permitting the RIPA to place a child in Inter-country Adoption. Clearance Certificate is required in case of all adoptions placed with foreigners and PIO.

Enlisted Foreign Adoption Agency (EFAA):

A Foreign Social/Child Welfare Agency that is enlisted by CARA for sponsoring the application of Prospective Foreign Adoptive Parents/NRI for Inter-Country Adoption of an Indian child.


Foreign Prospective Adoptive Parents.


Guardian and Wards Act, 1890


Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956

Home Study Report (HSR):

It contains details of the adoptive family/Couple’s Social Status & family background; Description of Home; Standard of Living; Relationship; Health details; Economic Status etc.

In-Country Adoption (IA):

Adoption of an Indian child by Indian parents residing in India.

Inter-country Adoption (ICA):  

Legal placement of an Indian child with a prospective NRI, PIO parents and foreign nationals.

JJ Act-2000:

Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act-2000

Licensed Adoption Placement Agency for In-Country Adoption (LAPA):

An Indian Social/Child Welfare Agency licensed/recognized by the State Government for In-country Adoption.

No Objection Certificate (NOC):

A Certificate issued by CARA permitting the child to be placed with a prospective adoptive parents for Inter-country adoption. 


Non-Resident Indian/Indians (holding Indian Passport).

Physical Examination Report (PER):

It will contain medical report of the child, report of hospitalization if any etc.


Persons of Indian Origin.

Recognized Indian Placement Agency for Inter-country Adoption (RIPA):

An Indian Social/ Child Welfare Agency recognized by CARA for placement of Indian Children in Inter Country Adoption



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